The bi-laterally symmetrical design of the OFF-SET double bass drum pedal eliminates virtually every problem inherent in the standard double bass drum pedal configuration. It must be played to be believed. Please enter site from the pages above.


  1. The Bi-lateral configuration of the OFF-SET Double Bass Drum Pedal  places 

   the bass drum directly in the center of the drum kit.

  1. The snare drum is centered directly behind the bass drum instead of shifted to

   the left or right.

  1. The mounted toms on the bass drum are directly in front of the player for better 


  1. Because the drive shafts are 1/2 the length of those on a standard double bass

  drum pedal, there is no invasion of the hi-hat space by the pedals - no need for

  complicated hi-hat stand clamping devices.

  1. Eliminates “lag” due to u-joint wear, because since both beaters are shaft 

  driven, and both shaft are identical, both pedals FEEL identical. The drive

  shafts should be rotated between the primary and secondary pedals from gig to

  gig for even u-joint wear.

  1. Creates much better access to auxillary drums in larger kits, ie., 6 to 9 piece 

  drum kits.

United States Patent #  US 7,525,031 B2


Date of Patent: April 28, 2009

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